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Content by Halso

Hemp Oil for Skin

Cannabidiol (CBD) is in such a positive spotlight that it could seem like it’s good for just about anything or anyone. Now, the beauty industry is finding a way to reap its benefits. When you look just beneath the surface, all of the claims for CBD’s assets seem to stem from its ability to calm.…

Medterra CBD Review – The Athlete’s Choice for CBD

Passion is the driving force behind any successful project. That’s exactly what Medterra CBD started as: a project driven by a passion. Friends J.P. Larsen and Jay Hartenbach were working separate jobs in different fields when they birthed the idea of Medterra back in 2016. Hartenbach worked in online marketing while Larsen had spent five…

Papa & Barkley Review – A Brand That Stands Out From The Crowd

They want to be better, and they want to be better for you. Papa & Barkley began with a young man concerned about his father’s bedridden state. Adam Grossman, Founder and CEO, saw the life-changing benefits that cannabis could bring to people and had a hunch that it was what his father needed to reclaim…

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