Combining CBD And Alcohol – Is it Safe?

With CBD’s rising popularity, people are now mixing CBD with everything they can get their hands on. CBD enthusiasts have gained access to a range of CBD-infused products like oils, capsules, gummies, creams, and more. Now, we’ve even started seeing CBD-infused shots, cocktails and beer! But a big question on people’s mind is the interaction between […]

4 Best CBD Tinctures For Anxiety You Must Try

Most people experience some anxiety and depression in their daily lives. Facing this situation is like a battle, the condition are tough, and not all medications work. Everyone faces anxiety and depression differently, and what medications work for one individual may not work for others. Many people find that conventional medicines are not suitable for […]

What are Terpenes in CBD? How Skincare Products are Making the Most of Terpenes

The consumer trends of recent years are a clear indication that people are becoming more careful about what they’re putting into and onto their bodies. This preference toward organic compounds and active ingredients is increasingly apparent in pharmaceuticals and skincare products. After the signing of the Farm Bill in late 2018, research funds have poured […]

What does Full Spectrum CBD mean? A Comprehensive Guide by Halso

Hemp is an emerging industry with new terminology that everyone may not understand. For example, we are often asked about the difference between CBD Oil & CBD Tinctures. Another commonly asked question from our users is, “What does Full Spectrum CBD mean?”. Key Takeaway: Full spectrum CBD contains all the naturally occurring compounds of the […]

How to Identify Sustainable and Legitimate CBD Products – From the Lab Reports to the Terminology

2018 was undoubtedly the breakout year for CBD – short for cannabidiol. You may have seen it at your neighborhood organic health store, read about it online, or talked about it with a friend, but one thing is certain – you’ve heard of it. The widespread usage, and perhaps even notoriety, may be warranted. Some […]

The 7 Best CBD Books You Should Be Reading Right Now

A pair of feet with pink socks on holding a stack of books and a wine glass against a pink background

They say, well, you should never judge a book by a cover, and while we held ourselves back from doing so, we were so impressed by the challenging and inviting CBD books available to read for our visitors. CBD (cannabidiol) seemingly emerged overnight and has taken the wellness industry by storm. The content circulating the […]