Buy CBD Online in California

California was one of the first states to fully embrace cannabis culture. In 1996, California passed the first medical cannabis program in the nation, and now with the passing of the Adult Use of Marijuana Act, anyone can now purchase cannabis legally for recreational purposes. Strangely, California seems to still be confused when it comes to CBD. While some dispensaries will have a few options for purchasing THC-free CBD oil, some people are opting, instead, to buy CBD online in California.

Why CBD can be a gray area for California

The laws around cannabis in California left them with a few surprising restrictions. Turns out, Proposition 64, or the Adult Use of Marijuana Act, mandated that CBD is only legal if it’s made from marijuana and not from hemp.

Hemp, however, is the industries preferred option and shining source for CBD oil. All cannabis plants have some concentration of CBD, but hemp is known for having the largest concentration of CBD oil. It is easier to obtain less than 0.3% THC (the federal legal limit), therefore making the hemp plant more reliable and easier to produce CBD oil with than, say, the cannabis sativa plant.

The state has recognized this small inconsistency, and it will likely be changed shortly. Until then, dispensaries in California are only permitted to sell CBD made from marijuana, leading some users to decide instead to buy CBD online in California.

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Though it may seem a funny decision to make in a state that’s notably friendly of all-things-cannabis, it doesn’t make CBD off limits. There are plenty of opportunities to buy CBD online in California. Unlike dispensaries, a few clicks around the right websites will open up a large catalog of options, helping to paint a bigger picture of the selection of CBD products that really exist.

Shopping for CBD online

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