Buy Full Spectrum CBD Oil

Looking for where you can buy full spectrum CBD Oil? Halso has a full suite of full-spectrum CBD oil products that you can get delivered to your doorstep.

CBD has potential to be a great and natural anti-inflammatory compound and might be able to be applied many categories of health. Now that we know the hemp leaf has a powerful potential, it’s also becoming more and more recognized that some of CBD’s potency is a result of the hemp plant as a whole.

Hemp is a member of the cannabis plant family that is identifiable by its long hearty stocks and for having a maximum 0.3% THC. Like other cannabis breeds, hemp also has a full slew of cannabinoids in addition to CBD and THC. Each of the active cannabinoids have their own health properties and appear to help CBD become even better at fighting inflammation. The so-called “entourage effect” is the term used to recognize this occurrence.

Does Full Spectrum CBD Oil Contain Hemp?

Full spectrum, or whole leaf, CBD oil does contain trace amounts of THC, but hardly enough to yield unintentional results. Though it may be best to buy full spectrum CBD oil only if you know you won’t be drug-tested, full spectrum CBD won’t actually trigger a high.

Hemp’s minuscule THC content (<0.3%) makes it the most popular source of CBD, since CBD is far more abundant in this plant than other typical varieties. Once extracted, it can be used just as any other cannabis extraction and formulated into various products.  

Photo of Hemp Plant in a flower pot
CBD Oil = Hemp Extract? Not Always

Papa and Barkley offers up their popular full spectrum CBD oil in a tincture, capsule, and balm. Their CBD oil has proven to drive out even the strongest aches and pains, and the brand attributes much of that success to the full spectrum formula.

They’re not the only brand whose mission is rooted in effective full spectrum CBD. The Stanley Brothers, Lazarus Naturals, and Wildflower all make their own versions of full spectrum CBD products.   

Getting the access to buy full spectrum CBD oil requires some consideration. Are you willing to be subjected to miniscule amounts of THC for the sake of a CBD boost?

One word of caution for looking to buy full spectrum CBD oil: it has a much higher probability of showing up on drug tests. If you are worried about the possibility of it compromising a job, stick with isolate.

For everyone else, full spectrum CBD oil can be the difference between continued pain and relief. Shop Halso’s catalog of full spectrum CBD oil to find what method works best for you to relief pain.