Cannabis Coconut Oil

CBD oil is ubiquitous in the health and wellness industry today. Found in food, drinks, lotions, and vapes, hemp seems to be one of those shape-shifting substances that fit in everywhere. CBD has a little secret, though: it needs to be blended with a carrier to be of use. To do this, most companies create cannabis coconut oil to generate a unique product from this foundation.

What is MCT oil?

Cannabis and coconut oil are a match made in heaven for more than one reason. To transport the power of CBD to the body, it needs a base, or carrier oil, to help it get the job done. Coconut oil is touted throughout the wellness community for its own soothing properties, whether consumed or applied topically. It’s also high in naturally-occurring saturated fats which is ideal for absorbing active cannabinoids that are extracted from cannabis plants.

What can I do with cannabis coconut oil?

Cannabis coconut oil is morphed and molded into various products by almost every CBD brand. Some of our top cannabis coconut oils come from Lazarus Naturals. Lazarus is well-known throughout the community as one of the most accessible and affordable brands and their cannabis coconut oil products follow suit.

The Lazarus Naturals Organic Coconut Oil with CBD is about as simple a cannabis coconut oil you can get. They add nothing but organic coconut oil and clean CBD distillate. The purity and simplicity of this product give it the versatility to be eaten or applied to the skin with ease.

Lazarus Naturals CBD Massage Oil, three different full spectrum sizes
Lazarus Naturals CBD Massage Oil

Many other products will marry CBD with coconut oil at the very beginning before transforming it further to become a more refined product. Lazarus Naturals, in particular, does this with their cannabis coconut oil. They add in some jojoba and sweet almond oil which creates their CBD Massage oil for a more liquid take on the Coconut Oil with CBD.

Because coconut oil makes such an ideal carrier for cannabinoids, you’ll often see it on ingredient lists. 2Rise Naturals CBD oil with Turmeric uses 100% coconut-derived MCT oil to make their tincture, then add some extra anti-inflammatory herbs to kick it up a notch.

The Wildflower CBD Face and Body Soap is completely vegan, thanks to its foundation of coconut oil. They don’t add much else than that, but what they do add is intended to improve the cannabis coconut oil, like sweet-smelling vanilla or lavender.

You can find these trusted coconut oil-based products and others at Halso. While you’re there, check out CBDistilerry Full Spectrum CBD tincture or the Juna Nude Hemp CBD Tincture, also both blended with coconut oil for a sturdy, familiar formula.