CBD Distillary

With CBD on the forefront of the wellness industry, it’s no surprise that many people are searching for a CBD Distillary. There are already cocktail bars and infused menus to put CBD into consumers’ hands in the most eclectic ways. Though a CBD Distillary doesn’t exist (yet!) there is a CBDistillery brand to meet your varied needs.

Who or what is CBDistillery?

In theory, every CBD brand is creating distilled CBD. Distilling is the process of vaporizing a liquid to obtain its pure form then cooling and condensing the result. A CBD Distillary sounds practical in theory, but the states still have plenty of work to do before we end up opening CBD-only factory experiences.

As far off as it may be, it’s still worth setting the record straight. Though phonics might suggest that the proper word is “Distillary”, the final vowel is actually an “e” and not an “a”. And, although we may have to wait a while to grab a seat at a true CBD distillery, customers already have the opportunity to pick up from CBDistillery.

CBDistillery CBDrop - 250 mg total of Full Spectrum CBD Oil - showing the product
CBDistillery’s 250mg Full Spectrum Oil is one of their most popular products

CBDistillery Products

CBDistillery covers all the basics with their suite of products. Their goal to be able to provide fairly-priced CBD inspired transformed into an isolate, capsules, and plenty of options for tinctures, including one for pets.

Meeting the exact needs of individuals is all together easy-to-do and a constant struggle for tincture formulas. The differing dropper-sizes and varying potencies can make each user experience different. Trial and error is encouraged as you learn to gauge and ration CBD. For newcomers, the advice is usually to start low and go slow. The CBDistillery 250 mg tincture is ideal for beginners. With approximately 1.67% CBD by volume, you can easily take a small amount and learn to increase as your body adjusts.

CBDistillery builds up to a behemoth 5,000 mg bottle scattering lower potencies along the way. New users can build from 250 mg to 1,000 or 2,500 mg bottles, or reach instead for pre-dosed capsules.

All of CBDistillery’s products are made with full-spectrum hemp. To avoid any THC, the softgels are an easy 30 mg per serving dose of THC-free CBD.

All of these CBDistillery products, plus their pet-friendly tincture, are available to browse and shop online at Halso.