CBD Face Masks

CBD has become somewhat of a spa treatment. Since knowledge of its calming, anti-inflammatory effects hit the mainstream, skincare companies have been slinging their latest and greatest hemp-based creations. It only seems fitting that among the product offerings of lotions, salves, and balms that the day would come for a CBD face mask. Though few and far in between, we found out why people love to use it and which one is worth trying yourself.

How does CBD help the skin?

Hemp-derived CBD is a naturally potent supplier of cannabinoids low in psychoactivity. The high CBD, low THC combination of hemp offers a one-stop-shop for oodles of inflammation-fighting bioavailable chemicals. Using CBD for inflammation has proven beneficial for aches and pains beneath the skin and is becoming increasingly more popular for decreasing signs of stress on the face.

For people who suffer from hard-to-combat acne, a CBD face mask may be a saving grace. The combination of CBD’s anti-inflammatory ability matched with CBD’s natural capacity for balancing oil production can be the key to unlocking clear, vibrant skin.

It’s not only acne that can be beaten with a CBD face mask. The restorative properties of CBD have customers of all ages using it to fight wrinkles. CBD’s antioxidative properties, when used directly on the skin, allow for it to fight free-radicals that can be blamed for breaking down collagen. When collagen is preserved in the skin, so is the youthful radiance of the face.

Soul Addict CBD Honey Mama Manuka Face Mask with 100 mg of CBD
Soul Addict’s CBD Honey Mama Manuka Mask

What’s the best CBD face mask?

Taking care of your skin means putting your best face forward. Your face is both sensitive and tough. It’s at the mercy of the elements on a daily basis and should, in turn, be treated and cared for gently. The same CBD salve you use on the rest of your body is likely too overwhelming for the delicate balance of your face.

Taking all of this into consideration, Halso found that the best CBD face mask to protect and soothe any face is the Soul Addict Honey Mama Manuka Mask. It uses raw honey and superfruits to brighten and hydrate the complexion, evening out skin tone and fighting breakouts. It also uses ashwagandha to renew collagen cells and employs full-spectrum CBD to calm even the most sensitive skin.

Soul Addict’s CBD face mask is handmade in small batches in Asheville North Carolina only from USA-farmed whole plant hemp. To find this life-changing and uber-relaxing CBD face mask, and to meet all of your other CBD needs, head to Halso.