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CBD Oil for Sale in Florida

Florida is in a transition period. They’ve just recently lifted an amendment that banned smoking medical marijuana, and they’re making strides to changing laws surrounding CBD oil for sale in Florida. With support from Florida Agriculture Commissioner Nikki Fried and her newly appointed Cannabis Director, Holly Bell, Florida may soon get the state fully behind the sale of CBD products.

Can You Find CBD for Sale in Florida?

Floridians have already proven their support of CBD. Several wellness institutions, both corporate and independent, already stock their shelves with CBD oil products. It seems that retailers are seizing the opportunity to sell CBD oil after the latest update to the federal government’s stance on hemp.

In late 2018, the Farm Bill was revised to remove hemp from the list of scheduled drugs and approve cultivation of industrial hemp nationwide. Technically, that gives all 50 states the green light to grow and sell hemp. In order to be considered hemp, it cannot have an excess of 0.3% THC, but hemp is known for its abundance of CBD.

There is another line to cross before hemp can be considered fully legal to sell in Florida. Approving hemp on the federal level gives states the freedom to write their own laws regarding its use. As it stands in Florida, the law prohibits the production, sale, or use of CBD products.

CBD and Florida

This stance is expected to be short-lived. In fact, many stores have taken it upon themselves to sell the community CBD products.

CBD oil for sale in Florida is not without risk, though, and even Nikki Fried is sending a warning to store-owners who decided to sell it.

What’s in Store for the Future of CBD in Florida?

The goal, if Florida is to approve CBD, is to have CBD done right. That would include cracking down on unregulated CBD oil for sale in Florida and plans for a future program that would put a stamp of approval on products that meet the quality regulations.

Until you start seeing “Fresh From Florida” stamps, buying CBD products from retailers in Florida may be giving you something other than what you hoped for. CBD products should always be tested for quality, and consumers should exercise their right to see lab reports.

At Halso, we know how important it is to trace your products. All of the brands we list in our store are committed to transparency and provide lab reports for every single batch and product sold.

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