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CBD Oil for Sale in Maryland

Maryland is one of many states that has not approved the use of recreational marijuana, but they have joined the country’s majority in embracing hemp. The federal government has taken big strides in legalizing hemp by stripping it of its title as a Schedule I drug, making it legal for the entire country. This legal status made it much easier to find CBD oil for sale in Maryland.

Does the Farm Bill legalize hemp everywhere in the US?

Legality at the federal level does not equate to a legal status state by state. The 2018 Farm Bill, also known as the Agricultural Improvement Act, allows for individual states and territories to regulate industrial hemp as they see fit. Some opted to keep it outlawed while others, like Maryland, chose to embrace it.

Are there any dispensaries in Maryland?

Maryland passed House Bill 881 in 2014, legalizing marijuana use for medicinal purposes only. Getting access to dispensaries is therefore limited to those who have a card. But you don’t need a medical card to get access to CBD oil.

It’s likely you’ll find an abundance of CBD oil for sale in Maryland in local drugstores, smoke shops, or CBD retailers. Things marketed as CBD products should be looked at with a touch of incredulity. The popularity of CBD oil has paved the way for imposters, and products marketed as CBD could very possibly be misleading.

An outline of the State of Maryland
The State of Maryland and CBD

How Can I Ensure I’m Getting Quality CBD?

Industrial hemp is the main source of CBD oil. Hemp, by definition, contains a high content of CBD and only up to 0.3% THC. Anything more than that would classify a plant as a different strain of cannabis.

Still, even products that are made from industrial hemp may not be giving you a true, potent dose of CBD. Many products will use hempseed oil as the main ingredient. Hempseed oil, of course, is technically from hemp, but the seeds contain minuscule amounts of active CBD oil compared to the leaves.

To get the most effective results from using CBD oil, you need trustworthy brands that extract the cannabinoids from mature hemp plants. At Halso, we make it our mission to stock our online store with brands who can affirm that they’re providing truly potent CBD, made from sustainably-sourced hemp. Anything else is simply not worth buying.

To be absolutely sure you’re getting quality, skip buying CBD oil that’s for sale in Maryland and head to Halso. We’re here to answer questions, give options, and ship nationwide, every day.

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