Full Spectrum CBD Tincture 1000mg

Are you on the lookout for Full Spectrum CBD Tincture with 1000mg of CBD? At Halso, we provide you with a collection of the best CBD Tincture brands to help you relax and keep that anxiety at bay.

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What is Full Spectrum CBD Tincture?

Full Spectrum CBD products contain all the naturally occurring Cannabinoids that are found in the Cannabis Sativa plant. This means that Full Spectrum CBD products contain CBD, CBG, Terpenes, Flavonoids and even THC. However, the THC present in full spectrum products are less than 0.3% meaning that they do not have a psychoactive impact on people. Most people will not get ‘high’ from Full Spectrum products.

You can learn more from Halso’s comprehensive guide on Full Spectrum CBD.

Tinctures are basically an herbal concentrate that’s made by soaking herbs in a liquid. This liquid acts as a solvent and can be alcohol, glycerin, vinegar, or oil. CBD Tinctures are made by soaking the Cannabis Sativa leaves in a solvent which is usually an alcohol based solution.

You can learn more from Halso’s comprehensive guide on CBD Tinctures.

For CBD tinctures, you also have the option of getting Broad Spectrum and CBD Isolate products. These two types of CBD tinctures are processed to remove certain Cannabinoids, mainly THC. At Halso, we prefer Full Spectrum CBD Tinctures because they are less processed than other products and also because they provide the full health benefit of CBD products including the ‘entourage effect’ of all the Cannabinoids working in sync.

Halso’s Range of Full Spectrum CBD Tincture 1000mg

We carry a number of premium brands including Shea Brand, Medterra and Papa & Barkley. We only add products that we have tested ourselves and read the lab reports.

True Full Spectrum™ CBD Oil by Medterra

Medterra uses a proprietary extraction technique to produce its True Full Spectrum™ CBD Oil. As a result, 2mg of THC and a 5:1 ratio of CBD to the other cannabinoids means that Medterra’s True Full Spectrum™ gives you a richer CBD experience.

Medterra’s True Full Spectrum™ CBD Oil comes in Chocolate Mint and Citrus flavors with CBD concentrations of 6,000mg, 3,000mg, 1,500mg and 750mg as per your requirements.

Full Spectrum CBD + THC Capsules by Medterra

Another great product by Medterra – here you can get your CBD + THC mix in a vegan capsule. As a result, you can get the full benefits of the hemp plant in a precise and easy way with each capsule containing 50mg of CBD and 50 capsules in the container. Each serving contains 2mg of THC, 50mg of CBD, and 8mg of other hemp plant compounds, all of which are beneficial to your well-being. With 30 capsules in the whole container, you will get the benefit of 1,500mg of CBD.

Papa & Barkley Releaf Drops

Papa & Barkley’s Releaf Drops are made from hemp grown in Colorado. Papa & Barkley extracts all of the cannabinoids from the plant, resulting in a full-spectrum product with zero processing. No lab created isolates or distillate here.

This full-spectrum, super potent CBD tincture is all-natural and extracted with just heat and pressure – there are no chemicals or solvents involved in the extraction process.

You will get 450 mg of CBD in the 15 mL bottle & 900 mg in the 30 mL bottle. This product will contain < 0.3% THC.

CBD Full Spectrum Oil Drops by Shea Brand

Our most popular Full Spectrum CBD Tincture but it comes with only 600mg of CBD in each bottle.

CBD Full Spectrum Oil Drops by Shea Brand suspends full spectrum CBD oil (medicinal hemp extract from Colorado) in a sustainably-grown, bioavailable hemp seed carrier oil to deliver maximum effect.

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Use the code HALSOLOVE to get 10% off your first order of Full Spectrum CBD Tinctures.