How Hemp Body Butter Helps Your Skin

The natural remedy for dry, tired skin may have been locked up on the list of scheduled drugs for decades. Now that hemp is officially liberated in the United States after being removed from the list of banned substances and approved for industrial production, users are finding hemp body butter to be the answer to their skin’s sorrows.

Not any ole’ hemp body butter will do. At Halso, we’ve made it our core goal to gather the best products made from the best plant on earth. In this quest, we’ve found that the Receptra Naturals hemp body butter stands out amongst a crowded market

What Hemp Does for the Skin

What’s nice about knowing there is hemp in your skincare products is that you know it’s a natural ingredient. Many other formulas rely on alcohol and chemicals to make a product intended for the skin, drying it out and tricking you into a dependence.

In actuality, most skincare options are doing more harm than help. Hemp body butter, like the one from Receptra Naturals, relies on the natural properties of hemp oil without any additives.

Hemp itself is known for powerful rejuvenating properties. It can help to moisturize the skin without clogging pores by balancing out oil production. As it helps balance the moisture, it also retains it and, in turn, fights wrinkles.

Hemp is also high in essential fatty acids that our bodies use but may not regularly get enough of. These fatty acids soothe and calm inflammation to revitalize skin that’s even mildly irritated or ravaged by eczema or psoriasis.

Two containers of Receptra Naturals Body Butter with CBD (cannabinoids)
Receptra Naturals Body Butter combines the best natural ingredients with CBD and other cannabinoids

The Hemp Body Butter to Try

Hemp body butter is best when it’s pure, so we chose Receptra Naturals Body Butter with CBD to be our crown jewel in this category. The light, fresh-smelling formula is packed with 400+ mg of CBD per container without any toxic or psychoactive additives.

The “plus” refers to a few things, and they’re all things your body will be sure to thank you for. Receptra Naturals adds Vitamin E oil to aid the skin in combatting free radicals. It also calls on the power of aloe vera, jojoba, and beeswax for natural healing and soothing. To top it off, this body butter adds in some lemon, jasmine, and ylang-ylang to give it that fresh scent.

Convinced enough yet? We thought you might be. Head to Halso to pick up your own Receptra Naturals hemp body butter, plus check out our site to earn a 10% off coupon to apply to your purchase.