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The craze surrounding CBD has a lot of people wondering just how much they should be spending on hemp-infused products. Since hemp became legal under federal law through the 2018 Farm Bill, farming industrial hemp is accessible to all and has given companies liberty over how they want to price their goods.

As a new market, some shoppers may not be confident in knowing what a good price for CBD is. Some companies undoubtedly fall into the category of over-marketed, over-priced products while others offer a quality formula that’s widely affordable. When shopping for CBD, it’s key to get the best of both affordable and effective worlds, and customers often find that Papa and Barkley prices hit those criteria.

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Do you know what’s in your CBD?

The 2018 Farm Bill was huge for the CBD industry because the bill approved industrial farming of hemp. Hemp’s low (less than 0.3%) THC content and high content of CBD, make it the ideal source for creating legal cannabis products. But not all hemp is created equal.

Good CBD companies will be sure that their hemp has proper care put into each and every step of the process. For shoppers, this is a defining factor in deciding on a brand of CBD. The price you pay for CBD shouldn’t make your wallet wince, but you should feel confident that what you’re getting is a fair price for a valuable product.

Papa and Barkley prices keep this quality in mind. When they set out to launch the brand, they did so with attainability in mind. Papa and Barkley began as a project to help restore a more active lifestyle for loved ones, and that remained their goal when they presented it to the masses. Papa and Barkley creators believe that a healthy, happy life shouldn’t be out of reach for anyone, and priced their line accordingly.

Which Papa and Barkley product is the most affordable?

Papa and Barkley prices will vary slightly between the CBD-only Essentials line and their line which includes higher concentrations of THC. Only legal states will be able to purchase the line with THC in it. For everyone else, the Essentials Line can be shipped throughout the country.

Papa and Barkley prices for the Essentials line provides options to fit any budget. Go bigger or go smaller for CBD tinctures and you’ll find the sweet spot for your budget and the peace of mind for the quality. Their CBD balm is also priced with fairness so that anyone in the US can get safe, clean access to CBD for a good price. Browse Papa and Barkley prices and products on Halso today.

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