Papa and Barkley Reviews

Finding a favorite CBD brand can seem like a struggle in a market inundated with products. Potencies, packaging, and pricing can all play a role in what users end up reaching for and how happy they are with their purchase. According to Papa and Barkley reviews, there is much less need to keep searching once getting your hands on any of these products.

What’s to love about Papa and Barkley?

In case you missed our Papa and Barkley Review, that backstory goes like this: Adam Grossman founded his CBD brand after concocting a homemade CBD ointment for his bedridden father. It was a success, inspiring the brand’s naming for his father and faithful pitbull, Barkley.

If you aren’t already sold based by the backstory alone, Papa and Barkley products have proven their stripes in the industry with plenty of recognition and preference among buyers. The Papa and Barkley Review in Forbes highlights the company as a sustainable brand who loves their product as much as the environment.

NPR highlights Papa and Barkley as a brand trusted by the elderly community to address aches and pains associated with aging.

Newsweek listed it as part of the Christmas list must-haves and categorized specifically as a pain product.

Picture of Papa & Barkley Founder and CEO Adam Grossman holding picture of his father and dog
Founder of Papa & Barkley

In these, and other, Papa and Barkley reviews there is one thing that shines true: their consumer base is boundless.

What products do Papa and Barkley make?

In short, they make it all.

Papa and Barkley’s Releaf balm was the brand’s inaugural product. This popular product from Papa and Barkley is the same formula that helped Grossman’s father fight the pain that had him prostrate. The Releaf Balm specifically has a 3:1 CBD to THC ratio, so it can only be accessed in-store in legal states.

In the same spirit of love that began the company, Papa and Barkley developed their Essentials Line to help everyone harness the power of hemp. The essentials line brings the same commitment to quality–premium Colorado-grown hemp extracted by chemical- and solvent-less methods–to a line of products that is accessible to anyone online. Shoppers from every state can access this line which includes a THC-free hemp balm, CBD capsules, and CBD oil tincture.

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