Papa and Barkley Tincture

Papa and Barkley is well-known in the cannabis industry for providing leading CBD products. Customers first fell in love with the Papa and Barkley Releaf Balm before the brand expanded to the full Essentials Line. At the forefront of that line is the Papa & Barkley tincture, which continues their commitment to purity for the sake of wellness.

Power in a bottle

The Papa and Barkley brand came to be out of the love of a son for his father–and the family dog. The formula of the original balm laid the groundwork for what would become the #1 California-based CBD brand. This foundation consisted, very simply, of locally-sourced Colorado hemp and clean extraction methods.

Getting the CBD out of the plant and into the salve was a labor of love that paid off in spades. To build on this formula, the Papa and Barkley tincture was spawned. It’s made with the same care and attention in mind as its predecessor: a commitment to safety, purity, and efficiency.

The Papa and Barkley tincture, as part of the Essentials Line, delivers full-strength CBD oil in a 15 or 30 mL bottle. It’s designed with everyone in mind. Whether you need a chance to relax from stress, recover from aches and pains, or rejuvenate the mind, body, and soul, the Papa and Barkley tincture can deliver.

Papa and Barkley Extra Strength CBD Tincture laying next to a cucumber vodka cocktail
Papa & Barkley’s Extra Strength CBD Tincture pairs well with a cucumber tincture

Papa and Barkley’s promise

Not all brands are forthcoming with their practices, and this is one of the top reasons customers love Papa and Barkley. Their care in producing the product resonates to the care of the individual customer.

To keep things as safe and pure as possible, the Papa and Barkley CBD is extracted with zero chemicals or solvents. Just heat and pressure are forced onto the leaves, ensuring a clean and potent CBD extract, blended only with a carrier MCT oil for easy delivery.

The Papa and Barkley tincture is made with this resultant CBD. Each product is backed by third-party lab results, available to every single customer to confirm the purity.

If for any reason you don’t find yourself enamored with the efficacy or results from the Papa and Barkley tincture, there’s protection for that, too. Papa and Barkley supports their customers with 100% Happiness Guarantee.

Where to Buy

For the ease of shopping online, don’t look further than Halso, who keeps the same principles for our customers front of mind. We proudly offer the Papa and Barkley tincture, along with other Papa and Barkley favorites, on our store, ready to ship every day.