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Receptra Naturals CBD Coupon

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If you’re on the hunt for a CBD product tailored for your needs, Receptra Naturals should be top of the list. Their product line creates a range of potency and potential for CBD users, making an attractive option for CBD novices and experts alike. Read on to find out what there is to love about Receptra Naturals and get 10% when you place an order with Halso!

Why Receptra Naturals?

Every aspect of Receptra Natural’s product line is done with the utmost care and respect for their customers. They source their hemp locally in Colorado from two family-run farms. These farms offer attention to detail and commitment to quality that resonates in Receptra Natural’s products.

A true CBD product should be drawn from the leaves themselves, and that is what Receptra Naturals does. The is where the majority of the CBD potency comes from – not from the stalks, stems, or seeds. The leaves that go on to extraction are hand-picked, ensuring only the plants that are ready for the next stages make the cut.

Receptra Naturals Body Butter with CBD

Once harvested, the hemp flower moves on to a fully-licensed extraction facility. There, expert lab technicians are meticulous to get the good stuff from the hemp leaving absolutely no contaminants remaining. Receptra also grows their hemp organically, so there’s no risk of pesticides, ever.

Receptra is always transparent with its customers in their quest to deliver consistently reliable CBD products. That’s why they provide lab results with each product purchased. Every single item can be traced back to the batch from which it came, proving its purity and potency through a simple search.

Receptra Naturals CBD Products

CBD isn’t one-size-fits-all, and Receptra Natural makes sure to have options to suit every need. Shoppers can choose from their 2.5% or 5% CBD tinctures depending on their preferred potency.

Furthering their commitment to wellness, they also offer a range of potencies in their Active Lifestyle CBD tinctures. Try a formula as low as 1.7% or as much as 6.7% with the added anti-inflammatory effects of turmeric. In addition to their tinctures, Receptra has topicals in the form of body butter and lip balm, as well as a tincture intended for pets.

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