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Receptra Naturals Plus Hemp CBD Oil

Getting the most out of your CBD oil starts with choosing one with the best stuff inside. Receptra Naturals creates their line of CBD oil from hand-picked hemp grown on Colorado family-run farms. They create CBD oil intended for anyone, but their Plus line is targeted to users with advanced wellness needs.

What is the Receptra Naturals Plus Line?

Receptra Naturals creates CBD oil to use as a natural boost for your immune and central nervous systems. It works in tandem with the endocannabinoid system to beef up defenses and deliver all the things you love about CBD.

To cater to their customers’ individual needs, they’ve created a split in their Health & Wellness CBD oil product line: prime and plus. Both options are made from the same high-quality Receptra hemp oil, but refer to different potencies. The Receptra Naturals Plus hemp CBD oil is the higher potency of the two.

Receptra Naturals Plus CBD Tincture and Receptra Naturals Prime CBD Tincture
The Receptra Naturals Plus CBD Tincture has twice the amount of CBD than the Prime line.

Why Consider Receptra Plus over Receptra Prime?

If you’re new to using CBD oil, Receptra recommends you start with one of their Prime products from the Health and Wellness line. The prime CBD tincture from Receptra offers 2.5% CBD per volume, which ends up coming to about 20 mg per one serving.

Those who are acclimated with CBD may want the option for a higher percentage of CBD per volume. Receptra’s answer for those users is the Health & Wellness Plus CBD tincture. This tincture packs double the CBD per volume as the prime version: 5% CBD per volume and up to 40 mg per serving.  Receptra Naturals Plus hemp CBD oil comes in a bottle of 30 or 60 mL.

One dropper-full is the equivalent to one serving of each CBD oil. Receptra suggests starting with ¼ dropper-full up to 3 times daily, and increasing until you find the sweet spot that works for you.

Where to buy Receptra Naturals

Receptra Naturals CBD oil is made only from the best. That means they bypass the seeds, stalks, and stems to draw the most pure and potent CBD straight from the leaves, and only the leaves.

Pure, safe CBD oil is the top priority at Halso, which is why we made the conscious choice to partner with Receptra Naturals. For a full suite of their products, including both the prime and plus hemp CBD oil offering, stop by the Halso store. We ship nationwide and are available every day as your CBD resource and online shop.

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