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Receptra Naturals Review

Finding CBD nowadays is easy. Finding quality CBD is a whole other ballgame. Knowing where your CBD is sourced and having the lab-results to vouch for its purity is an incredibly important aspect of shopping for CBD products. One of our favorite brands that offers different shapes and sizes of CBD products backed by lab-results is Receptra Naturals. Read on for our Receptra Naturals Review and learn why we love it.

The Receptra Naturals Story

Receptra Naturals is dedicated to helping you live the best active lifestyle you can. Their CBD products are made with organic, hand-picked, Colorado-grown and always submitted for third-party lab testing. Every purchase can be traced to the lab results to prove that you have a pure, potent hemp-based CBD product.

Receptra Naturals Product Line

Receptra Naturals makes it easy for everyone to find the right CBD fit for their needs. Keeping it classic without being rudimentary, they have a full set of CBD oil tinctures in varying sizes and potencies.

Health & Wellness

Among the Health & Wellness products, you’ll find the basics for both CBD pros and novices. The Prime CBD tincture is recommended for those new to CBD. One dropper-full of this oil will deliver approximately 20 mg of CBD oil. Finding out what dosage is right for you takes a little practice, and 20 mg can be a good place to start.

If you find yourself using several servings a day, it might be time to consider Plus. More practiced customers can reach straight for the Plus CBD oil, which is doubled the potency of a dropper-full of Prime. One of these serving dispatches up to 40 mg of Receptra Natural’s high-quality CBD oil.

Receptra Naturals Plus CBD Tincture and Receptra Naturals Prime CBD Tincture
Receptra Naturals has two great tinctures: The Plus has double the amount of CBD compared to the Prime

Active Lifestyle

For people whose bodies are constantly on the go or under stress, Receptra Naturals has a tailored solution. The Active Lifestyle line comes at three potency levels–Active, Elite, and Pro–and have an added anti-inflammation edge of turmeric. The lowest concentration formula is Active with 1.7%. The Elite formula falls in the middle ground with 3.33% CBD and Pro packs the highest percentage at 6.7%.

To round out their CBD products, Receptra Naturals also offers a highly-affordable CBD lip balm made with jojoba and vitamin E oils. Their skin care options extend to the full body skincare blends. One product offeres the average user the natural benefits of CBD-infused body butter, while the other is a targeted topical formulated specifically for joint, muscle, or skin inflammation.

Where to Buy

If this Receptra Naturals Review was enough to convince you to buy, look no further than online at the Halso shop. Halso is committed to bringing our customers the best CBD options on the market and shipping them straight to your door. Check out our store and shop all the best Receptra Naturals products in one place.

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