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Shea Brand CBD Coupon

CBD oil doesn’t have to be smoked or eaten to be enjoyed, and Shea Brand’s CBD topical is a shining example of that. Shea Brand makes a CBD skin salve and lip balm–in addition to their CBD drops–so you can get all of your needs met through their sustainable product line.

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What is Shea Brand?

Shea Brand is all about practicing self-care the right way. The Brooklyn-based company was started by three friends looking to create a line of wellness products that are backed by science and beautifully presented.

Creating their first product was a particularly personal journey. One of the three co-founders had been struggling with agonizing eczema his entire life. He found shea butter to be the only remedy that had lasting results, so they set out to make their own brand to help others who experienced the same skin stress.

Product Image of Shea Brand's CBD Natural Pain Reliever
Shea Brand’s Popular CBD Pain Reliever has been seen in BuzzFeed and other outlets.

Aside from being entrepreneurs, the trio are environmental warriors. Living in the densely-populated metropolis of New York City, they wanted to make sure that they didn’t bring a product to market that would just make more mess. The goal of Shea Brand was to prove that “the urban world and natural world can live in harmony and thrive together.”

What’s in Shea Brand’s products?

The power of shea butter got turned up a notch with the addition of CBD to their product line. The Shea Brand CBD Natural Pain Reliever is made with the same principles as their original product: a butter that’s as good for your body as it is for the environment.

Every one of Shea Brand’s products is free of environmentally harmful chemicals, never uses palm-oil, and are packed in a beautifully-designed, minimal-plastic, 100% recyclable package. Wrapped up in this perfect package is a pain-fighting legion of natural CBD isolate, arnica and essential oils to create a powerful and luxurious addition to your skincare routine.

Their eye-grabbing packaging and sustainable salve hit the mark for many and has been featured in BuzzFeed and InStyle, among others, since their products went live.

Consumers are loving this brand “inclusive, beautifully packaged brand” and now you can find out why. Try their restorative CBD lip balm or the CBD Natural Pain Reliever for yourself. Use our 10% off Shea Brand CBD coupon on the investment in your wellness, only at Halso.

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