Where Can I Buy CBD Oil for Dogs?

With the introduction of the Farm Bill and legalisation of CBD, the popularity of this compound and all its sister products has just exploded. ‘CBD Oil’ is searched for more than half a million times every month on Google, just in the US! People even search for ‘Dog CBD Oil’ more than 60,000 times per month in our country. This has happened because people & dogs across the country are experiencing the benefits of CBD – they have less anxiety and are feeling less chronic pain in their joints.

Along with this huge spike in popularity, we’ve also seen a spike in low quality and fraudulent CBD Oils popping up across the internet. You need to be even more careful with the CBD Oil you buy for your dogs – they can’t tell you that something is off with the new CBD Oil you bought from them. And you can’t risk your dog’s health over CBD Oil. This raises the question, where can you buy CBD Oil for Dogs and be assured that the quality of ingredients and processing are only of the highest quality?

Do Not Buy CBD Oil for Dogs on Amazon

We’ve got plenty of emails from customers saying that they bought CBD Oil for themselves or their pets from Amazon but didn’t see any effects. And then they were convinced that the CBD Market itself is fraudulent and that the products don’t work as per their claims. However, what people don’t realise is that NONE of the CBD Oil products on Amazon are actual CBD Oil products. Since Amazon is one of the largest companies in the world, people often believe that everything on the marketplace is genuine but you should remember that Amazon is a marketplace where the sellers could be anyone from anywhere in the world.

We’ve covered this topic extensively before on whether you should buy Dog CBD on Amazon. Here’s the summary of the article –

  1. Amazon is very clear with its policies – CBD products are not allowed on the Amazon Marketplace.
  2. If you search for CBD Oil on Amazon, you will find products that are completely or partially fraudulent because of 3 major reasons:
    1. Hemp Oil – try searching for CBD Oil on Amazon right now and you’ll most likely find hemp oil everywhere. People think that CBD and Hemp Oil are the same but they’re actually completely different products. Hemp Seed oil is extracted by cold pressing Hemp Seeds which then releases a thick, dark oil. This oil does contain many nutrients, fatty acids, antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals but what it does not contain is any cannabinoids & terpenes. CBD Oil on the other hand is extracted from the leaves and flowers of the Hemp plant which contain all the CBD, terpenes & other Cannabinoids.
    2. Random Oils – if you search for CBD Oil on Amazon, you’ll also find several Naturopathic products which you’ll believe are CBD Oil because they appeared in those search results. However, if you actually read the list of ingredients, you won’t find CBD mentioned anywhere in that list. These are just random oils which could adversely impact the health of your dog.
    3. Off-Brand Products – You’ll find products like ‘hemp extract’ or ‘hemp oil for pain and inflammation’ that are hinting at the fact that they’re actually CBD products. In fact, The Washington Post actually did a study to see if these kinds of products contain CBD Oil. They found that 11 out of 13 of these products did contain CBD! However, the level of CBD in these products was far lower than those found in genuine brands.
dog tasting CBD Oil

Where can you Buy High Quality CBD Oil for Dogs

At Halso, we carry only Premium CBD Brands where we have personally read every single testing report of the products we sell. We make sure that you don’t buy any CBD Oil for your dogs that have dangerous fillers or high levels of THC. Your furry friend will only experience the benefits of the highest quality CBD products and no adverse health effects.

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