Where to Buy Papa & Barkley?

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About Papa & Barkley (P&B)

Papa & Barkley was started in 2015 by Adam Grossman after he saw the benefits and real aid that CBD and hemp-infused products provided for his father. After having started making his own concoctions in his own house for his father, he decided to turn it into a full-fledged business.

Now as the #1 rated cannabis brand in California in 2018, Adam has big plans for his father’s name sake – Papa & Barkley.

Two Types of Business

Cannabis | CBD and Hemp-based Products

Papa & Barkley has two sides of the business: one that produces and sells cannabis products strictly for sale in California and another that produces and sells CBD or hemp products which can be delivered nationwide.

P&B Cannabis Products – California Only

Papa & Barkley released their Releaf Balm in 2016 to much fan fare and this product is what has led P&B to being so well-known amongst cannabis enthusiasts. Since this product has >0.03% THC, you can only purchase this product at registered dispensaries within the state of California. Sometimes you can get these products delivered to you same-day. Halso does not carry these cannabis products, however, we do carry CBD and hemp-based products.

To find out where you can buy P&B’s products, read on!

P&B Essentials Line – The Products for Everyone Everywhere

In early 2019, P&B released their Essentials line in response to the growing demand for CBD and hemp-based products. This is the product line representing their CBD and hemp-based products, and the good news is that since these products have <0.03% THC, they can be shipped nationwide!

Even better news, is that you can shop and buy Papa & Barkley 24/7 here at Halso.co. Shipments usually take 3-5 days to arrive from purchase.

Papa & Barkley prices are well-advertised on Halso.co and are about what you would expect to pay for a premium CBD or hemp-based product.

Ever wonder what the 0.03% THC threshold is? That is the legal amount of THC a CBD or hemp product can have and still be legal. Remember that THC is the psychoactive cannabinoid that produces the general “high” sensation from smoking cannabis. This 0.03% threshold was first mentioned in the 2014 Farm Bill and was established as federal law in the 2018 Farm Bill.

So, want to know if you can buy a product and be okay? Just look for that product having less than 0.03% THC!

If you have any questions on which product might be the best fit, head on over to our contact page or shoot us an email at contact@halso.co. We hope to hear from you soon!