Papa & Barkley Review – A Brand That Stands Out From The Crowd

Papa & Barkley Essentials Hemp Extract Drops with CBD Bottle laying inside box

They want to be better, and they want to be better for you.

Papa & Barkley began with a young man concerned about his father’s bedridden state. Adam Grossman, founder and CEO, experienced cannabis and had a hunch that it was what his father needed to reclaim his life from severe back pain.

Adam began by creating what would become the first product of his cannabis-infused brand in his father’s kitchen. The homemade remedy was so successful in treating his father’s debilitating back pain that it inspired Adam to think bigger. After sharing his concoction with family and friends, it became clear that the transformative results he witnessed in his father could become a life-changing experience for so many others.

The passion project soon turned into a real business. Papa & Barkley was founded in 2015, aptly named for the man who inspired its inception and the pitbull that was by his side through it all.

The company’s evolution led it to its appearances in media heavy hitters like Forbes, NPR, and Newsweek. It all started with a small batch of the now award-winning Releaf Balm, which is made to be applied to the skin and originally consisted of 3 parts CBD and 1 part THC (too much THC to be sold online).

Vertically Integrated and Top Notch Extraction Method

Papa & Barkley is a vertically integrated cannabis company, meaning every aspect of their business, from the hemp-seed to the packaging, is carried out by them. There’s no outsourcing of their ingredients which takes the guesswork out of the final results. Their consumers have the ability to track the triple-lab tested CBD products from “seed to shelf.”

Adam Grossman and a photo of Papa & Barkley

They also stand out from the crowd in their extraction methods. Quick note: extraction is the process of extracting the oil from the cannabis plant, which contains all the helpful cannabinoids. Traditional extraction methods involve exposing the hemp leaves to a solvent, such as CO2, to “pull out” the active cannabinoids.

However, as a testament to their brand, Papa & Barkley uses an improved extraction method that utilizes only heat, water, and pressure, which successfully extracts the nutrient-rich cannabinoids without the addition of any solvent.

Product Line

In response to state-by-state red tape, the Essentials Line was created. These products are made with whole plant extract of hemp, meaning the result is plentiful in CBD with less than 0.3% THC. This whole plant approach ensures the THC content is low enough to be sold as full spectrum CBD. This enables Papa and Barkley to reach many more customers and allowing these customers to consume the proper components of cannabis.

In true Papa & Barkley form, they concentrated on one product first: a CBD tincture blended with MCT oil.

Their tincture is made from a whole-leaf plant extract, typically termed “full-spectrum.” You will encounter some THC in this formula, albeit less than 0.3%. This whole-leaf approach preserves the full integrity of the plant’s active cannabinoids, creating a potent oil that mixes well with food, drink, and local jurisdiction.

CBD isn’t a one-size-fits-all supplement, and a little bit of Papa & Barkley’s extra-strength tincture may prove to go much farther (with far less) than some competitors. Their tincture comes in two sizes: 15 and 30 mL. The 15 mL size comes with 450 mg of CBD and the 30 mL with 900 mb. Taking CBD in the form of tincture drops gives the consumer flexibility and precision in dosing they wouldn’t otherwise get from capsules.

As with all of their products, the tincture comes with a promise to be full spectrum and chemical-free. All of their products also come with a happiness guarantee; love it or return it for a full refund within 30 days.

Closing Thoughts

Since uncovering the best parts of cannabis and hemp oil, Papa & Barkley set out to deliver ‘natural, potent and clean products’ to their customers. In scratching the surface with their Releaf Balm, they uncovered how much more was waiting to be exposed.

The brand has already been successful in addressing the growing needs of the market with expansion into the Essentials Line. Honing in on the necessary products and making them with utmost care in mind has created a strong foundation on which P&B will undoubtedly continue to grow.

What they’ve demonstrated is that it’s not just about becoming a player in the game, but giving customers a sense of care and love. It’s something both Papa & Barkley would be proud of. Find Papa & Barkley products on Halso now.