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Wildflower CBD+ Review

Living a holistic lifestyle isn’t about leaving all the things you love behind; it’s about making sure that you get the best that nature has to offer. Wildflower CBD was created with a belief in connecting people with the healing power of plants. We took the time to learn about the brand and present this Wildflower CBD+ Review, so that shoppers can see for themselves what makes these products worthwhile.

Women holding a bottle of Wildflower CBD+ Hemp CBD Tincture
Wildflower’s CBD+ Product Line on Halso

About Wildflower CBD+

Wildflower CBD+ was founded in 2012 in Vancouver, Canada. Though they continue to grow in the industry, they remain a small group of diverse, caring professionals. For them, it’s all about using synergy to promote a wellness-based lifestyle.

This concept of synergy translates into their practices and their products. They rely on feedback from their consumers and experienced professionals to become better at meeting the evolving needs of their customers.

To meet these needs, they created CBD+. CBD+ is an amalgamation of the namesake healing cannabinoid combined with other natural plant extracts. Its basis is in high-quality whole-plant hemp. Using whole-plant extract allows for the retention of hemp’s amino acids and terpenes that have their own holistic benefits to contribute.

Holistic, by definition, relates to the interconnectivity of parts that serve the whole. Wildflower CBD doesn’t stop at whole-plant hemp, which is why they deem themselves “CBD+”. They bring as many relevant herbal and natural ingredients as possible into play to maximize the benefits of the CBD. Each of their products has a different lineup of ingredients that are targeted at different wellness goals.

Wildflower CBD+ is perhaps one of the best examples of successfully going mainstream. The company opened its first retail store in NYC earlier as an extension to their online and retail presence.

This brick-and-mortar achievement only heightens their tireless work to bypass becoming too “trendy” and staying firmly rooted in their values of being natural and effective. They maintain that their commitment is to transparency, sustainability, and freedom.

The products are all made in the USA and third-party lab tested for quality assurance.

Lavender-scented CBD+ Soap by Wildflower

Wildflower CBD+ Product Guide

Beautifully designed as it is, their line of products are all made with a focus on achieving very specific results that contribute to a wellness-based lifestyle.

Perhaps their most popular product is the Wildflower CBD+ Healing Stick. It’s proven to be a fan-favorite, making a feature in Bon Appetit magazine for its ability to fight pain related to period cramps and sore muscles. It calls into action wintergreen and arnica essential oils to produce the muscle-soothing coolness. The stick style makes it easy to apply and non-messy, which is another reason it’s a fan favorite for topicals.

Rounding in for as popular close second is the Wildflower CBD+ disposable vape pens. The disposable nature prioritizes ease and accessibility. There’s no maintenance or refilling necessary; it’s usable right out of the box and can be discarded when it’s empty.

The pen comes in two options: one for aches and one for immunity. Each of them are made with Wildflower’s high-quality CBD+ that gets a boost with herbal additions. Opting for aches brings lavender, peppermint, and spearmint in a soothing combination for weary muscles. The immunity formula focuses on relieving cold and flu symptoms by combining eucalyptus and thyme to soothe symptoms for people in a flash or on the go.

Disposable pens offer a good intro to vaping CBD. Some more seasoned users may want to invest in a mainstay product, and for that Wildflower has a rechargeable vape and battery.

Vapes can be convenient for access to CBD throughout the day, but capsules offer a trustworthy way of ensuring you get the very same dose of CBD in your routine every day. Wildflower CBD+ capsules bring 30 mg of CBD with every serving in the bottle. It’s a straight-up dose of their whole plant extract wrapped inside a vegan capsule.

CBD+ is favorable as part of a larger wellness routine. Wildflower brings the same trusted herbal healing and synergy to their CBD+ capsules with curcumin and ginseng. Similar to what CBD is to hemp, curcumin is the chemical portion of turmeric that gives the spice its healing properties. Also like CBD, curcumin has a range of abilities. It’s rich in antioxidants and can boost skin health and help to fight inflammation and arthritis, as well as allergies, obesity, and some diseases.

Ginseng comes along for the ride as an equally-beneficial natural herb apt at fighting inflammation. Together, this trio provides an optimum dose of health-balancing power with CBD+ as its backbone.

Finally, Wildflower made a product that’s as good for the outside as it is for the soul. CBD+ soap uses coconut oil, sweet-smelling essential oils, and full-spectrum CBD oil for skin-friendly remedy. Whether you choose vanilla or lavender, this soothing soap can be used every day for removing makeup, as a shampoo, or just a simple, gentle cleanser.

Wildflower CBD+ is lovingly-made to suit the varied reasons shoppers reach for CBD. To browse the whole lineup of Wildflower CBD+ products, visit Halso.

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