CBD Oil for Sale in Ohio

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Cannabidiol has broken through the mold to become a household staple for everything from aches and pains to anxiety. Its use wasn’t accepted across the board overnight. Ohio is one of the few states who, up until recently, had a ban on all cannabis and marijuana products. Luckily, the 2018 Farm Bill made hemp legal on a federal level, giving Ohioans a bit more flexibility for getting CBD Oil for Sale in Ohio.

Is CBD Oil Legal for Sale in Ohio?

Ohio is still very precarious in their acceptance of cannabis, leaving many places with CBD oil for sale in Ohio to reconsider stocking their shelves. The state finally legalized medical marijuana but was late in opening the doors of their first-ever dispensary. Since then it’s been a slow, uphill journey getting the other 55 dispensaries up and running.

Ohio’s hesitancy to allow for medical marijuana is also seen in their stance on CBD oil. Ohio joins the group of 15 states who had not developed a hemp program, regardless of the passing of the December 2018 Farm Bill legalizing hemp for the entire country.

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The situation isn’t completely ironed out, but movements are in place that would make CBD oil legal in Ohio. Residents should keep an eye on House Bill 523 and Senate Bill 57. It originally wrapped the tight marijuana laws around hemp products, such as CBD oil, but is now being reexamined. Revisions to these bills will, ideally, pave the way for CBD oil to be legal to sell in Ohio.

How Does the 2018 Farm Bill Affect Ohio?

Ohio retailers may still be keeping themselves safe from scrutiny by removing it from their shelves, but residents still have the ability of full access to CBD online. The US federal government legalized hemp when it passed the 2018 Farm Bill, and anyone in any state can reap the benefits of CBD oil as a result.

Still, residents should proceed with caution. In March of this year, two men were stopped and arrested for transporting 55 gallons of CBD oil outside of Columbus, Ohio. They face charges for felony drug possession. CBD oil in Ohio can only be sold to those who have medical marijuana clearance. Under state law, CBD oil in Ohio can only be sold at dispensaries.

Those who want to try products ahead of revisions surrounding CBD oil sale in Ohio can shop online. Halso provides CBD oil in various products and ships nationwide. For residents of Ohio, a state still on the fence about hemp, there are products that are completely void of THC.