CBD Oil For Sale in Texas

State of Texas Outline

Thanks to the 2018 Farm Bill, the federal government removed hemp from the list of banned substances. It’s no longer considered a Schedule I drug, making cannabidiol (CBD) products – made from hemp – legal on the federal level.

On the flip side, some states are still against enacting laws permitting cannabis products–a big one being Texas. Texas allowed for medical marijuana in 2015 under the Compassionate Use Act, but even this tightly controls who has access. Physicians who treat epilepsy have the ability to prescribe medical marijuana, but with very low doses of THC. Everything else, technically, is outlawed.

Is Hemp Considered the Same As Marijuana?

By definition, hemp is a cannabis plant with less than 0.3% THC. Its low psychoactive content makes it the prevailing source of CBD oil and inspired the federal government to declassify it as a dangerous drug. This ruling, in effect, gives states the individual opportunity to form their own legislature for controlling its use.

Texas is still wary of CBD oil’s beneficial ability and of allowing its residents to access hemp products. It’s possible to find CBD oil for sale in Texas today, but these CBD advocates are getting ahead of their state’s curve.

Texas laws around CBD oil are somewhat muddled. Some retailers are opting to openly stock their shelves, even though they face the threat of prosecution for selling it. The sale of CBD oil that is not doctor-prescribed is illegal in Texas.

Texas State and CBD

Are All CBD Products Banned in Texas?

But not all CBD is created equal, and this just may be the saving grace for Texans. Law enforcement is particularly intolerant of hemp containing any amounts of THC, even trace amounts that are commonplace for some CBD oils.

The alternative? THC-free CBD products. It’s completely possible to get your hands on CBD that’s isolated from the other active cannabinoids of hemp or cannabis, providing a pure product with none of the psychoactive element whatsoever.

Texas seems to be slightly more lenient in regards to these zero-THC products, and, as it turns out, may soon have to accept all forms of CBD. The Lone Star State recently decided to follow suit with federal regulations and removed hemp from the list of scheduled drugs. While the change in state law takes a few weeks to settle in, avoiding THC can also mean avoiding unwanted attention from law enforcement.

For some people, CBD is the only effective option for a healthy life. Avoiding THC oil in certain CBD products can be the difference between legal and illegal use of hemp products in Texas. As such, Halso’s keeps a full spread of THC-free CBD products, available online to ship nationwide.