CBD Oil For Sale in Virginia

State of Virginia Outline

Cannabidiol (CBD) has found a lot of freedom thanks to the 2018 Farm Bill, which legalized industrial growth of hemp. While most states have embraced hemp’s powerful byproduct, cannabidiol (CBD), Virginia is one of the few states that is still hesitant in giving hemp-based products a pass.

Virginia has tight laws surrounding all cannabis products, but they are gradually reforming. Medical marijuana was selectively welcomed into the fold, allowing practitioners to prescribe it to patients for state pre-qualified conditions.

Can Those Without a License Still Buy CBD?

CBD oil in Virginia may also require written approval from a physician. With this approval, patients can have access to CBD oil for sale in Virginia. The conditions are that the oils cannot be in excess of 5% THC, or 10 mg per dose, which is far more than the characteristically low THC content of 0.3% in hemp.

Over-the-counter sales of CBD oil in Virginia are spreading, even for those without a medical card. This makes it seem legal, but it still falls in a gray area. State laws are at liberty to dictate who can purchase or sell CBD oil in Virginia, and as such many people may be wary of purchasing it, especially at unlicensed retailers.

Virginia State Filled in with Green Color

How Can I Get Access to CBD in Virginia?

To avoid any trouble surrounding CBD use, the best bet is to talk to a physician and obtain a license. There are over 160 physicians in Virginia with the liberty to write prescriptions for hemp and cannabis products. Once you have a license, there are five state-sanctioned dispensaries that are qualified to have CBD oil for sale in Virginia under state law.

There is a bit of control surrounding this as well. Physicians are limited in the overall number of certifications they can issue.

What If I Can’t Get a License?

Virginia’s laws around cannabis and hemp are pretty tight for the time being, but you still may see some shops marketing CBD products. It can be hard to tell if CBD oil for sale in Virginia is the real deal or not, and could lead to some hot water if you’re not careful.

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