What are Terpenes in CBD? How Skincare Products are Making the Most of Terpenes

The consumer trends of recent years are a clear indication that people are becoming more careful about what they’re putting into and onto their bodies. This preference toward organic compounds and active ingredients is increasingly apparent in pharmaceuticals and skincare products. After the signing of the Farm Bill in late 2018, research funds have poured into uncovering the health potential of various hemp and cannabis components. Of these components, terpenes are one of the most widely researched for potential beneficial properties. But what are terpenes in CBD and how does it impact your health?

What are Terpenes in CBD?

Terpenes are the aromatic molecules in plants that give them their distinctive aromas and flavors. In essence, they are natural evolutions produced by plants to act as organic pesticides (repelling herbivores and other predators) as well as aid in the proliferation of the plant species by attracting pollinators. Terpenes are found in most fruit, vegetables, herbs and spices. They are also found in Cannabis & hemp derived full spectrum product. Terpenes are the compounds that give Hemp products their distinctive musky smell. You can learn more about full spectrum CBD from our comprehensive guide or shop for full spectrum CBD products below.

As of this writing, thousands of terpenes have already been identified and isolated. They make up the largest, most diverse group of naturally occurring compounds in plant life. Each terpene brings a range of potential benefits on its own, which is why they are continually being researched to this day. And cannabis is one of the most common sources for the medicinal terpene.

Along with having a variety of health-positive effects, terpenes are impressively versatile and can easily be combined with one another. This gives consumers a way to completely customize terpene blends to suit their needs. There are many online shops that are both retail and wholesale friendly, so DIYers and product manufacturers alike can easily make their purchases from the comfort of their office chairs.

How Can Terpenes Help With Skincare?

The terpenes found in essential oils have been shown to have a variety of health benefits and are being researched for their therapeutic and medicinal potential. They’re currently being incorporated into a variety of supplements and topicals to soothe skin irritations, relieve pain, and nourish the follicles.

Terpenes have also shown many qualities that could contribute significantly to skin health. There are terpenes that are antiviral, antimicrobial, and even anti-inflammatory agents that could promote an overall healthier complexion. In this section, we’ll discuss some of the benefits terpenes offer and how they relate specifically to skincare.

Skin Protecting

Some terpenes like eucalyptol, myrcene, and terpinolene have shown antioxidative qualities and can commonly be found in anti-aging skincare products. This is because they help protect the skin from oxidative damage that can be caused by environmental aggressors like UV and pollution, as well as free radicals. These terpenes have also been shown to boost collagen production, which helps ensure a healthy skin barrier.

Skin Calming

Terpenes like geraniol have anti-inflammatory properties for sensitive skin types that are prone to eczema flare-ups and dryness; they can also soothe skin after hair removal treatments like waxing or exposure to depilatory creams. Anti-inflammatory terpenes basically help control the inflammatory response to skin irritation.

Beta-caryophyllene has been found to be one of the most potent anti-inflammatory agents because of its ability to relieve pain. Inflammation is a natural response to pain, which is why the skin around cuts, wounds, and even insect bites quickly become elevated. This terpene is most commonly associated with mosquito and tick repellants.

Breakout Reducing

The alpha-pinene terpene has properties that will clean the skin without stripping away natural oils, or damaging the skin barrier, because it has shown antibacterial, antiviral, and antifungal properties. The benefits of skincare with antibacterial compounds can include a decrease in acne, sebum production, and the likelihood of getting a cold sore. This is because these substances can kill viruses on contact.

Hydration Enabling

No matter how moisture-rich your skin cream, or how potent your CBD balm is, it won’t be able to do your skin much good if it can’t be absorbed fully. Limonene is a terpene that has been shown to increase the efficacy of transdermal delivery. This means that it enables topicals to penetrate deeper, giving them the best chance at getting to work as advertised.

The Entourage Effect

The entourage effect refers to the increased efficacy of CBD products when all the naturally occurring constituents of hemp, including the terpenes, are kept for the end product. You can read more about entourage effect here.

How are Terpenes Being Incorporated Into Skincare Products?

Terpenes can be used to create natural skincare products that soothe the senses and directly address specific skin issues. This is why manufacturers are able to create skincare lines of bath gels, lotions, and other topicals that target a variety of issues including acne or dry skin.

Even though it may seem tempting, terpene isolates are too strong to be applied directly to the skin. It’s better to find products with your desired tepene blend already infused if you’re not comfortable with handling high-concentration terpenes or have sensitive skin.

Not all skincare products using terpenes are beauty-oriented. There are various lotions and balms that are effective antifungal or anti-itch solutions due to their terpene content. These usually contain antimicrobial terpenes like pinene or geraniol.

There are also products that can help soothe skin damaged by overexposure to cold weather conditions like wind burns or frost. These usually contain a combination of CBD and terpenes like limonene that can soothe, protect, and facilitate fast delivery into damaged skin.

What about CBD Oil with Terpenes for Skin?

For CBD products, the most common source of terpenes will be in Full Spectrum CBD products such as Full Spectrum CBD Oils, Balms and other such products. The reason for this is that full spectrum CBD products do not remove any naturally occurring components of the Hemp plant and thus keep the terpenes as well.

Quality CBD oil will work much deeper than just surface-level. Topicals use CBD isolated from CBD oil to ease symptoms of everything from common scrapes, cuts, and bruises to chronic arthritis and psoriasis.

But interest in hemp oil for the skin has lead to the inception of hemp-based products for all the photo-ready parts of the body. The prospect of smoother skin brought about facial care like Soul Addict’s CBD Honey Mama Manuka Mask.

CBD hemp oil lip balms also became a pocket or purse must-have. Whether in a tube or in a jar, lip balms made with CBD hemp extract aim to nourish and protect the sensitive skin of your lips, promoting healthy smiles.

Moisturizing is a full-body event, and there’s a hemp product for that too. Body butters using hemp oil don’t only soothe the skin but help to restore moisture and reduce blemishes.

Products using hemp oil are intended to encourage rejuvenation. No matter where on your body you decide you need that, there’s likely a topical that’s waiting for you.

More Than Skin Deep

Terpenes have been found to exhibit qualities that don’t just benefit the body, but also have positive effects on the mind. Terpenes “form the major constituent of essential oils from plants“ and are responsible for their unique aroma and flavor profiles.

Utilization of terpenes via aromatherapy has shown such promise that research is even being conducted into their viability as therapeutic supplements to mitigate the symptoms of chronic conditions like insomnia, depression and anxiety. This is why specific terpenes, like linalool, are sometimes included in skincare products designed for nighttime use.

Linalool, which is best known for its presence in lavender essential oil, is a terpene that can often be found in night creams or relaxation-oriented products like bath bombs. This is because it has a calming effect and has historically been used to lessen feelings of anxiety, stress-related sleep issues, and insomnia. In fact, a few drops of lavender oil was often used on pillows of Roman nobility to ensure restful sleep cycles many centuries ago.

So – what are Terpenes in CBD? Terpenes are incredibly versatile organic compounds. The fact that they are naturally occuring in Hemp practically guarantees that we’ll be seeing them incorporated into products and therapeutics with greater frequency. With thousands of terpenes having already been isolated, research into the various uses for each and how they interact with one another is sure to continue well into the future.