What does Full Spectrum CBD mean? A Comprehensive Guide by Halso

Hemp is an emerging industry with new terminology that everyone may not understand. For example, we are often asked about the difference between CBD Oil & CBD Tinctures. Another commonly asked question from our users is, “What does Full Spectrum CBD mean?”.

Key Takeaway: Full spectrum CBD contains all the naturally occurring compounds of the hemp plant, including THC, and this full range allows for the ‘entourage effect’ which enhances the overall beneficial effects of the CBD.

In this article, our CBD experts at Halso will break down the following questions:

  • What does Full Spectrum CBD mean?
  • Full Spectrum CBD vs. Broad Spectrum CBD vs. CBD Isolate
  • Benefits of Full Spectrum CBD
  • How can I identify Full Spectrum?
  • Does CBD get you high?
  • How Long Does Full Spectrum CBD Stay In Your System?
  • When should I NOT use Full Spectrum CBD?
  • Where can I find Full Spectrum CBD for sale?

What does Full Spectrum CBD mean?

Full Spectrum CBD contains the full spectrum – or full range – of extracts that occur naturally in the cannabis plant. This includes small amounts of the psychoactive compound THC which causes the “high” feeling associated with Cannabis or Marijuana.

Research with Cannabis shows an ‘entourage effect’ – meaning that the chemical compounds in Cannabis work differently (and better) together rather than individually. As a result, Full Spectrum CBD products with low THC have become a popular method to make sure that users can derive benefits from all the chemicals that occur naturally in the Cannabis plant.

So, what are the extracts that occur naturally in the plant?


Before going deeper into the other compounds, let’s look at CBD itself. Cannabidiol (CBD) is one of more than 100 cannabinoids which are simply compounds found in the Cannabis Sativa plant. CBD is the 2nd most prevalant active ingredient in the cannabis plant and as per this report by the World Health Organisation, “In humans, CBD exhibits no effects indicative of any abuse or dependence potential…. To date, there is no evidence of public health related problems associated with the use of pure CBD.”


Tetrahydrocannabinol or THC is the most famous chemical compound in hemp. It is a psychoactive cannibinoid that causes that “high” or “euphoric” feeling that many people associate with smoking marijuana. When you smoke marijuana, THC works like dopamine and binds to the cannabinoid receptors in your brain, thus causing the “high” feeling.

Full spectrum CBD contains less than 0.3% of THC – this is not enough THC to get someone “high”.

Why is it useful to combine CBD & THC?

In this 2010 study with 177 participants, scientists explored ways to reduce pain for cancer patients who were not responding to traditional opioids. The scientists divided patients into 3 groups and gave them:

  1. THC extract
  2. CBD-THC combination
  3. Placebo

The patients in the 2nd group with the CBD-THC combination saw the biggest improvement in pain.

Another 2018 study on children with Dravet Syndrome (a type of epilepsy) found that seizures and quality of life significantly improved when treated with a CBD+THC Oil.

CBG (Cannabigerol)

CBGA is known as the “mother of all cannibinoids” – all the “big six” most widely-researched cannabinoids – THC, CBD, CBC, CBN, THCV, or CBG – start out their lives as CBGA before being transformed into their final forms by enzymes in the plant’s trichomes.


CBG’s effect on people:

  • Non-intoxicating: Like CBD, CBG is also non-intoxicating.
  • Inhibits the high of THC: CBG reduces the feeling of euphoria caused by THC by inhibiting the CB1 receptor and thus THC’s effects.

Medical benefits include:

CBN (Cannabinol)

Fresh Cannabis contains very little CBN because it starts to appear when THC is converted into CBN when the plant material isn’t consumed. What are the effects of CBN?

  • Not psychoactive – when THC is converted into CBN, the molecule loses its psychoactive properties. It can cause a high if ingested in very high quantities.
  • Drowsiness – CBN is the cannabinoid with the best sedative properties.
  • Pain relief – Like THC, CBN is also great at pain relief.

CBC (Cannabichromene)

CBC acts on the TRPV1 and TRPA 1 receptors in the human body, inhibiting the body’s ability to break down the other Cannabinoids. Thus, by preventing the breakdown of these Cannabinoids, CBC is able to boost their effectiveness and plays an important role in the “entourage effect”.


Cannabis Terpenes are aromatic oils that give the plant its smell and taste. Terpenes in Cannabis include:

  • Myrcene: the most common terpene which provides the earthy smell. It is also used for anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects.
  • Linalool: also found in Lavender and used for anti-inflammatory, anti-anxiety, and analgesic properties.
  • Terpinolene: works as a sedative and antibacterial.
  • Many more including Humulene, Ocimene, Caryophyllene, Guaiol, Limonene, Pinene, Bisabolol, Camphene, Geraniol, Valencene, Terpineol, Pulegone and Sabinene.

Other vitamins, fatty acids, protein, and more

These trace ingredients are found in small quantities but also add to the ‘entourage effect’ for the healing benefits found from the Cannabis plant.

Full Spectrum CBD vs. Broad Spectrum CBD vs. CBD Isolate

Full Spectrum: contains the entire gamut of cannabinoids including CBD and trace amounts of THC (less than 0.3%)

Broad Spectrum: contains most naturally occurring cannabinoids but with no THC.

CBD Isolate: contains only CBD.

CBD enthusiasts consider full spectrum CBD products to be more effective than products with other individual cannabinoids because these products contain all the naturally occurring extracts from the whole plant. This means you get all of the compounds with less than 0.3% THC, a small level that doesn’t produce a psychotropic effect but may play a role in enhancing the overall effects of CBD.

Comparison Chart of Full spectrum CBD, Broad spectrum CBD, And CBD Isolates

FeaturesFull Spectrum CBDBroad Spectrum CBDCBD Isolate
THCYes (<0.3%)NoNo
Minor CannabinoidsYesYesNo
Smell & FlavorEarthy & Flowery smell of HempEarthy & Flowery smell of HempNo Smell
Entourage EffectYes – in fullYes – in partNo

Benefits of Full Spectrum CBD

Full spectrum CBD is the least processed form of CBD. While broad spectrum CBD requires the removal of THC, CBD Isolates need even more processing because they have to separate CBD from the other Cannabinoids and transform it into white crystals. If you want a CBD product that has all the benefits of the source strain, without too much processing, full spectrum CBD is the best option.

Full spectrum CBD is the most commonly available CBD oil, and you can easily find it only or at any nearby store.

Medical Benefits

So far, there is one FDA approved drug derived from CBD.

EPIDIOLEX is the first and only FDA-approved prescription CBD used to treat seizures associated with Lennox-Gastaut syndrome (LGS), Dravet syndrome, or tuberous sclerosis complex (TSC) in patients 1 year of age and older.

Epidiolex Website

Laboratory studies continue to provide evidence that CBD:

How can I identify Full Spectrum CBD?

Hemp & CBD have existed for centuries. But with their newly legal status, these products are becoming widely available across the United States with much less stigma attached to them. As a result, they have become hot products.

We have seen an explosion of companies selling Full Spectrum CBD Oils to take advantage of the newly unleashed demand. As a result, you’ll often find companies selling sub-standard or even completely fake products.

Through this guide, we at Halso have tried to help you identify the differences between Full Spectrum and other CBD products. However, before you make any purchase, make sure to do your own research and read the test reports that come with the products.

At Halso, our goal is to provide an easy to resource to buy CBD products with 100% trust. We have done the heavy lifting of research for you and sell only the best quality CBD products on our marketplace.

Does CBD get you high?

This is the most common question we get asked at Halso – can I get high from these CBD products since they contain THC? The experts at Halso say ‘No’ but with a few caveats – this may vary depending on the product and the person.

The THC in full-spectrum CBD is at concentrations of less than 0.3% – an insignificant amount. Users of CBD agree that this amount of THC is not enough to feel any psychoactive effects or even show up on a drug test. However, this is not true 100% of the time.

Some people may be naturally sensitive to THC and they may feel mild effects from the THC and there is also a small chance that it may show up on a drug test.

When should you NOT use Full Spectrum CBD?

Full Spectrum CBD has a range of benefits than just a broad spectrum CBD or CBD isolate product. However, Full Spectrum products should not be used by everyone.

  1. If you are required to take drug tests for your job or any other reason, the THC in full spectrum CBD may cause a positive result. Most unregulated drug tests still include the marijuana panel and thus, depending on a person’s usage and the product’s THC concentration, there is a risk that the marijuana panel may come back positive.
  2. Some people are more naturally sensitive to THC than others. For these people, non-THC products like CBD isolates and Broad Spectrum CBD would allow them to get most of the benefits of CBD without any changes to their mood, senses or cognitive abilities.
  3. Not everyone likes the flavour of full spectrum CBD. Since it contains all the naturally occurring extracts from hemp, a full spectrum product can leave a strong earthy aftertaste in your mouth. If the oil is concentrated, this can have an even harsher impact on your throat. If you’re not in the mood for a daily, earthy aftertaste in your mouth, CBD isolates may work better for you.

Before buying any CBD products, please make sure to read the labels and test reports for the products so that you know exactly what you’re buying.

Where can you find Full Spectrum CBD for sale?

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