Where to Buy CBD Oil Near Me

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Within a short window of time, cannabidiol (CBD) oil went from obscure to omnipresent. At first, it seemed that only states with the green light to sell cannabis products would be able to get their hands on the stuff, but thanks to a recent change in federal law, anyone can buy CBD, even if a dispensary isn’t near you.

Brief History of CBD

Cannabis was introduced back into western society slowly. Medical marijuana was followed by recreational, while some states still only allow the former. Though cannabis as a whole is restricted, hemp has a little more flexibility. Today, it’s likely there’s an outpost to buy CBD oil closer than you think.

The big win for CBD oil came in December of 2018 with the passing of the 2018 Farm Bill which legalized industrial hemp. The Farm Bill is revisited every year, and the most recent updates included hemp’s reclassification as an agricultural commodity. The Bill also played a part in removing it from the list of controlled substances and opened the door for industry expansion.

2018 Farm Bill Media Pic for CBD and Agriculture

What’s next for the buying experience for CBD Oil Near Me?

Knowing where to buy CBD oil isn’t as tricky of a search as you might expect. Drug and wellness stores in all 50 states are stocking up on CBD oil, making it accessible to nearly anyone. Depending on where you are, finding CBD oil near you can be as easy as asking your health store which aisle it’s in.

Hemp’s legal status has been crucial for selling CBD oil. Even with legalities taken care of, it may take some time for it to show up in certain areas. Even if you don’t have a local retailer, there are still ways to get it no matter where you are with online shopping.

Now, knowing where to buy CBD oil is as easy as browsing the internet. Since CBD and hemp products are legal at the federal level, they can be shipped across state lines.

As with any product, popularity breeds imposters. The lesser quality brands can be indistinguishable from the reputable and CBD oil near you may make claims that it can’t fulfill.  At Halso, we’ve got you taken care of. Halso’s online shop stays stocked with the best CBD oil from the best CBD brands so you can be on your way to wellness in an average of 3-5 business days.