This is Halso

Swedish for “health”, Halso aims to improve the lives of others by making CBD accessible. Started from the journey of trying to help a parent, we consider ourselves a partner on your journey to a better You.

Why Us

We believe buying and understanding the benefits of CBD should not be a confusing experience. 
We believe in transparency. Each brand should have lab tests readily available for their batches.
We believe in the pursuit of a better self – whether it be in knowledge, emotionally, or physically – and that CBD and other cannabidiols can help in this pursuit.

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Product Image #3 of Shea Brand's CBD Natural Pain Reliever


Third-party lab testing is a requirement for being on Halso.


We aim to create helpful content that can help guide you along your CBD journey. You’ll find us constantly representing the facts and seeking an objective perspective.


Zero fake reviews.
Zero ‘gimmicky’ pop-ups.
Zero outlandish and false claims.


We hope we can make Halso a comfortable place to research, learn, and hear about other’s CBD experience. When you’re ready, we’ll be right here.