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Full Spectrum CBD for Sale

Finding high quality Full Spectrum CBD for Sale these days isn’t easy. Too many new companies are entering the CBD market and confusing customers.

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At Halso, we only list top-tier CBD brands that we trust. The full spectrum CBD products you’ll find in the list below are the ones that we carefully curated, tested and researched to make sure that our customers aren’t confused by too many choices.

Our most popular full spectrum products are the Oil Drops by Shea Brand. Our own personal testing, the lab reports by Shea Brand and reviews by our customers allow us to confidently endorse the Oil Drops.

The Papa & Barkley Releaf Balm is our other popular full spectrum product. Customers have consistently found pain relief when applying the Releaf Balm to achy joints and other parts of their body.

What is Full Spectrum CBD? Full spectrum contains all the naturally occuring extracts from the Hemp plant, including CBD & THC. However, these products are made with high-CBD and low-THC strains of hemp and thus contain less than 0.3% of THC - not enough to get you high. CBD enthusiasts consider Full Spectrum to be a superior product to broad spectrum or CBD isolates because all the natural compounds in the extract band together to form an "entourage effect" which makes the CBD even more effective than an isolated CBD product.