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  • Hypatia Extracts SEND IT! Salve 200

    • Hypatia’s all new Send It! Salve comes loaded with essential oils, organic aromatics, and 200mg of our exceptional full-spectrum, solvent-less hemp extract.
    • Originally concocted for Adam’s grandma, Hypatia’s Send It! Salve boosts his recipe with 200mg of our CBD-rich hemp extract. Born in 1932, Grandma Bev is a survivor of two spine injuries, decades of arthritis, and 10 kids! If it’s good enough for her, it’s good enough for you!
    • Product has a slight cannabis flower scent due to the full spectrum hemp extract
  • Hypatia Extracts Hemp Extract Oil

    • Two different concentrations: 200 mg and 450 mg of hemp extract (full spectrum)
    • Extracted without harsh chemical solvents using small-batch and dry-sift methods
    • Each bottle is hand crafted to create the perfect blend
    • Ingredients: hemp extract, hemp seed base oil, and cinnamon for a smooth finish
    • Bottle contains a 30 day supply when taken once daily

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