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Hypatia Extracts 200 Pet-Tracts Tincture


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  • Hypatia is proud to offer Pet-Tracts 200—our high quality hemp-extract dietary supplement for your small to medium sized furry companions!
  • Extracted without harsh chemical solvents using small-batch and dry-sift methods
  • Each bottle is hand crafted to create the perfect blend
  • Ingredients: hemp extract, hemp seed base oil, and cinnamon for a smooth finish
  • Directions:
    • Take by mouth daily or simply drip on top of your pet’s food. Refrigerate after opening for best taste.
    • Pets under 25 lbs. use 1/2 serving.
    • Pets over 50 lbs. use full serving.
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Pet-Tracts (Hemp Extract Oil for Pets) helps support your pet’s hips & joints and a less anxious life.

Our extraction techniques are based on solvent-less, dry-sift techniques, so you don’t have to worry about any harsh chemical residual solvents affecting your cherished family member. And as with the rest of our products, our hemp is grown right here in Colorado!

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Hypatia Extracts Pet Tincture 200mg CBD Full Hemp Extract

Hypatia Extracts 200 Pet-Tracts Tincture