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CBD Isolate Powder from Bluebird Botanicals


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  • 1 gram of 96%-99.9% pure cannabidiol (CBD) in crystalline form
  • Industrial hemp-derived
  • Non-synthetic/natural
  • Organically grown hemp
  • Every batch is 3rd party lab tested for cannabinoid potency, solvents, heavy metals, and pesticides
  • Smell/taste: Odorless/flavorless
  • Appearance: White/clear crystals


The Extraction Process:

The main steps – organically grown hemp is extracted with an ethanol extraction system. It is then winterized to remove fats. Next, multiple rounds of rotary evaporation are used to remove plant material and other unnecessary components. The extract is then decarboxylated and transformed into a crystalline structure with a proprietary post-processing technique. The last steps are to get the extract tested by third-party laboratories, package it and get it ready for shipment!

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Bluebird Botanicals CBD Isolate Container with the lid off

CBD Isolate Powder from Bluebird Botanicals