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Wildflower CBD+ Capsules with Curcumin + Ginseng


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Wildflower’s CBD+ high-quality, full-spectrum capsules have the added benefit of including curcumin (the main compound in turmeric), ginseng, and Omega 6 and Omega 3 hemp seed oil, helping provide the optimal balance for long-term health.


  • A convenient way to take the purest CBD
  • 30 capsules and 600 mg of CBD per bottle
  • Vegan
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • CO2 extracted CBD

Ingredients: Full-spectrum CBD extract, Organic Hemp seed oil, Curcumin, Ginseng, and Black pepper oil.

Read about the health benefits of curcumin here.

This hemp-based CBD product contains less than .03% THC.

Speak to your doctor before ingesting this product if you are pregnant or unsure of the effects of CBD, curcumin, and ginseng.

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Wildflower 20mg Full Spectrum CBD Capsules with Curcumin and Ginseng

Wildflower CBD+ Capsules with Curcumin + Ginseng


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