CBD Gummy Bears by CBDfx


These delicious, fruit-flavored, and vegan CBD gummies come with 60 bite-size bears, with each having just 5 mg of CBD each. These gummy bears make it easy to be precise on the specific dosage of CBD and are easy and discreet to consume at any time of day! This bottle usually lasts our customers 1-2 months.


How Much CBD Is In This?

Each gummy bear has 5 mg of full-spectrum CBD for a total bottle amount of 300 mg of CBD. Full spectrum here means it will contain less than 0.3% THC. 


What It’s Good For:

*precise dosage

*delicious treats throughout the day

*vegans : )




A product photo of CBDfx CBD Hemp Gummies standing up with an adjacent bottle on it's side with gummy bears laying out
CBD Gummy Bears by CBDfx


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