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Premium Hemp Infused Raw Honey


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Looking for hand-made honey with high-quality CBD oil? Look no further than Potli’s Hemp Honey, which brings all the benefits of CBD in a honey jar. This product comes with a total of 120 mg of full spectrum CBD oil, which amounts to 10 mg of CBD per tablespoon. You won’t find a better honey + CBD combo.

How much CBD is in Potli’s Hemp Honey? 120 mg of full spectrum CBD oil

  • 6 fl oz jar
  • 10 mg of CBD per tablespoon
  • Servings Per Container: 12
  • Each batch is lab tested

Why You’ll Love It:

Potli uses only natural, simple, and healthy ingredients that are differentiated by an obsession with quality and craftsmanship. They maintain a supply of raw, wildflower honey that is harvested from their very own hives in the San Francisco Bay Area of California and is thoughtfully combined with a full spectrum hemp extract (CBD).

Every jar is one of less than 300 in its unique batch, and contains all the benefits of soothing, healing, ayurvedic properties of natural honey.

How To Use: You can use Potli’s CBD honey as an ingredient to a favorite dish, in your tea, or on your favorite bread! With Potli, you know you are supporting a sustainable small business as well!


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Photo shot of Potli Hemp CBD Infused Honey

Premium Hemp Infused Raw Honey