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Sol-ti CBD+ Tea Line (18 pack)


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Raw, vegan, and full of vitality, Sol-ti is redefining what a high-quality tea with CBD should look, feel, and taste like. Sol-ti bottles their organic juices and teas in glass bottles and utilizes a proprietary UV Light Filtration process that uses light rays to preserve liquid without pasteurizing it. Now comes in an 18-pack! Choose from one of three flavors or a variety pack of six each!


Their new CBD+ Tea line comes with 18-20mg of THC-free CBD and in three delicious flavors: Ginger Lemon, Hibiscus Lime, and Peach Lemon.


Hemp CBD: Promotes homeostasis, calming, relieves tension

Organic Tea: Natural energy + antioxidant. Digestive, immune support, and inflammatory benefits

Organic Lemon: Alkalizing, cleansing, and purifying

Organic Lime: Tangy, rejuvenates skin, and improves digestion

Reverse Osmosis H2O: Pure and clean water that is chlorine- and fluoride-free. No metals or chemicals


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Ginger LemonHibiscus LimePeach LemonVariety Pack
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Why You’ll Love It: Sol-ti’s CBD tea is cold brewed with reverse osmosis water in order to ensure optimal polyphenol count, which helps ensure a smoother taste and less acidity!


Each package contains 18 Glass Bottles (15.5 fl oz per bottle)



Ginger Lemon Hibiscus Lime Peach Lemon
  • organic jasmine pearl green tea
  • organic lemon juice
  • organic ginger juice
  • 20 mg hemp derived CBD isolate
  • organic maple syrup
  • organic dried stevia leaf
  • 30 mg of caffeine
  • organic sifted and cut hibiscus flower tea
  • organic lime juice
  • 20 mg hemp derived CBD isolate
  • organic maple syrup
  • organic dried stevia leaf
  • caffeine-free
  • organic rooibos tea with dried peach
  • organic lemon juice
  • 18 mg hemp derived CBD isolate
  • organic maple syrup
  • organic dried stevia leaf
  • caffeine-free


How To Use: Open and drink! Consume within 48 hours of opening. Perishable, please keep refrigerated. Recommended to not consume two or more bottles in less than three hours between.


Why do you only sell Sol-ti’s CBD+ Tea in an 18-pack? 

Shipping glass bottles can be quite expensive. Add in that these products are perishable and are made from organic CBD (hemp extract), we need to be able to ship this CBD tea product in larger quantities otherwise the shipping charges would be very expensive for a single bottle!


Purchase Information:

*must be 18 or older to order

*keep out of reach of children

*this product does not contain THC


Caution: Use only as directed. Consult a physician or nurse if pregnant or nursing, have a serious medical condition, use prescription medications, or are sensitive to essential oils. These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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Ginger Lemon, Hibiscus Lime, Peach Lemon, Variety Pack

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Sol-ti CBD+ Tea Line (18 pack)