Receptra Naturals Pro CBD Tincture + Turmeric


The Receptra Pro blend is thoughtfully created for every level of athlete. Whether you are a daily grinder or a weekend warrior, this formula is uniquely designed to meet your needs. Made with organic ingredients Receptra Pro blend includes turmeric for extra anti-inflammatory and digestion support. With a CBD by volume percentage of 6.67%, the Receptra Active Tincture is great anyone just dipping their toes into the benefits of CBD as well as experienced, health-conscious users.


  • Total CBD: Ranges from 1,000mg to 4,000mg
  • CBD per Serving (full dropper or ~1mL): 60 mg of CBD and 20 mg of turmeric
  • Flavor: Mint/Berry flavor
  • Only organic ingredients used
  • 30 mL
  • 60 mL
Receptra Naturals Pro Tincture with CBD
Receptra Naturals Pro CBD Tincture + Turmeric